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Aircraft: Boeing 777 Family

Type: Business Class

Condition: AR (As Removed)


We just received the first of 8 Shipsets of Minipod Seats ex KLMin our Warehouse. “Winner of the coveted Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award, the MiniPod product line offers unique and customizable amenities and features for the business traveler, including advanced electric systems and controls for infinite adjustability from the upright dining and working positions to the lie-flat bed mode. A patented articulating arm structure moves downward as the seat reclines, providing additional bed width and comfort. The fixed back shell provides greater privacy and personal space, and can be outfitted with additional passenger controls and reading lights.” Contact us for all installed features and more information by hitting the RFQ Button.


Puristic Design – 8 Shipsets of B/E Minipod Lie Flat Seats