Galley 2 for Airbus A330 and A340 Family

Are you looking to reconfigure your PAX count? remove/add a monument? Replace your inserts /parts on your monuments? Do a cargo conversion or simply looking to refresh your cabin? Let us know on what section of the the aircraft you are working on and we will support you with PNs, photos & dimensions.

Let’s build your BOM together!

aviationscouts GmbH has more than 800+ part numbers of Airbus A330 enhanced interiors in stock!

Business Class Seats & Economy Class Seats,
Overhead Bins, Infill Panels, PSUs, O2 Boxes,
Sidewalls, Dado Panels,
Galleys (1-5), Lavatories
Closets, Partitions,
Panasonic Mas 3000i IFE Systems.

All parts are manually inspected, photographed and catalogued so any of the 800+ parts can be easily located!

For more details on Galley 1 and Galley 2 please send your RFQ to or contact us by phone +49(0)95719479070!

Galley 2 for Airbus A330 / A340