Welcome to our team Ludwig!

We are happy to have an experienced seat mechanic part of our operations team.

Ludwig Bauer new team member at aviationscoutsLudwig Bauer’s aviation carrier started in 2009 in the area of the Ground Handling at the Airport in Munich. In 2013 he has joined E.I.S. Aircraft as a cabin mechanic with the focus on aircraft passenger seats. Since 2016 he has worked as a team leader with certifying competences at the external shop area at aviationscouts headquarters in Lichtenfels, Germany, operated by E.I.S. Aircraft.

With Ludwigs extensive experiences our goal is now not only bringing our inventory closer to our customers but provide access to critical “interior” know how.

We are able to use and offer Ludwigs consulting capabilities on seat inspections, seat implementations as well as seat evaluations. This extends to the provision of information on how to run proper maintenance projects with implementation of mandatory OEM Service Bulletins.