We have sold a couple of shipsets for Boeing 767 and Airbus A320. Bon voyage and may they have a long second life!

O180275 I Recaro 3510-D933 Truck Loading Warehouse 2O190383 I Recaro 3520D for A320 Family

Recaro 3510D933
We still have 5 young shipsets of Recaro 3510D933 series aircraft passenger seats for Boeing 767 in stock. The seats are in great condition. 158PAX per cabin. LOPA 2-3-2. Dark blue leather dress covers. Audio IFE. Shipsets can be combined in order to create a high density LOPAs! Request a quote here >>

Recaro 3520D
We still have 6 shipsets of Recaro 3520D Economy class passenger seats for Airbus A320 Family in our warehouse in Lichtenfels available. Request a quote here >>

aviationscouts GmbH – Your Full Service Provider

We at aviationscouts GmbH are cabin experts. As a 1-Stop-Shop we integrate many services which are based on the client’s requirements. We overhaul seats and make them like new! We can integrate change dress covers and cushions, do deep cleaning and IRAN (inspect & repair as necessary). This is what we do for all kinds of airlines on all continents in our shop in the heart of Germany.

Our services mainly include:
– Seat refurbishment projects,
– Engineering services related to Part 145, 21.J & 21.G,
– Seat assembly spare parts, LOPA optimisations,
– Weight optimizations (IFE removals),
– cover/cushion changes,
– USB power integrations,
– After life solutions,
– Lease starts/returns,
– areas related to the cabin.