Avianor Inc. teams up with aviationgate.com

With more than 20 years of expertise in the design, engineering, certification, manufacturing, maintenance, modification and distribution of aeronautical equipment and components, Avianor Inc. has positioned itself as a vertical integrator in the marketplace offering all these services under one roof.

On top of all that, customers can appreciate the magnitude of spare component inventories for all of their cabin modification projects. One of the challenges at Avianor was to link the inventories to the market and bridge the gap rapidly for customers when cabin products are needed urgently.

Aviationgate.com offers a very unique marketing platform on which Avianor is offering cabin products to sell and buy aircraft interiors when needed. It now possible for existing customers and new ones to have continuous access to Avianors products, get a full description of the products of interest, request a quote online and get a quick answer the same day reducing downtime.

Aviationgate.com is operated by aviationscouts GmbH in Germany which combines surplus marketing, local storage and maintenance of passenger seats as well as end of life solutions for aircraft interiors.

The combination of these two market leaders creates a new window of opportunities for airlines, leasing companies and MROs who are in need of quick and reliable cabin solutions.


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